9 comments on “Why Black Culture Must Be Defeated

  1. Ah, it makes sense. It take minos to make a racist. Southerners learn it from the niggers and Californians learn it from the spics.

    In the end, it is the contradictions in theory which defeat a movement in practice.

    I think your moderation will change with time. You’ll see that moderates have no passion or conviction. People like Brevik or Roof were not moderate in their beliefs that whites ARE better than blacks, Mex or Muzz.

    You are a multiculturalist, though you don’t know it.

    If there is no difference between white and black, then there is no reason for WN to exist. There is nothing to write or fight for. There is no black or white culture, we are all the same.

    The best thing for you to do is go back to LA to live or to go to an American prison. When the niggers and spics beat you up and hate you for being white, you’ll know what needs to be done. One day, you’ll be ready to do that on the outside too.

    • I agree with all of your concerns and points.

      Above all, I’m firmly against groupthink. I reject the solidarity of identity when that identity sweeps the self away.

      Five years ago I was thick in the center of liberal identity. Watching last election and this one, the world problems occurring, it’s slid me towards the right. Luckily Illusion himself has been very kind to me and I’m slowly but surely aligning with his opinions. Due time, I suppose. An adjustment.

      I will say that though my writing picks apart everything, in a choice of white versus black, I will pick white every time. You’re right. Very right. Nine out of ten times I’ve been robbed, accosted, beaten up, and spit on, it was the niggers and spics.

      • You can still be a liberal and be a WN. It is a rare type, but you will find it more powerful than the typical rightist or libertarian WN. You can slide to the left or the right.

        You have a great advantage being from Cali and knowing who Terrance McKenna is. One can add that sort of California-style new age junk easily to WN. A liberal WN can out-liberal a system liberal. It’s a great combination.

        Groupthink is a part of WN, but you will find that WNs are far more tolerant of individualism than the Americans. We’re also the only group left who believes in freedom of speech.

        The best liberal WNs are James Boyd, Nicholas Schreck, Tom Metzger, James Mason, Tommassi, and Charles Manson.

      • I’m glad you’ve gotten the shit beaten out of you by minorities. It seems like they were doing the right thing after all. Nazi scum.

        • Go fuck yourself. Attitudes like yours just creates more Nazis. Keep it up. Say shit like this as much as you can. You’re a better recruiter than I am.

        • What a vicious cycle. I was a big supporter of equality and civil rights until I experienced the thuggish nature of urban minorities. You can say all the harsh words you want, but every time you DINDU NUFFIN you create legions of new Nazis willing to corral you back into segregation.

    • The irony of a racist being named “Ryu”

      Is that how uneducated you shitkicking neckbeards truly are?

      John Locke, you’ve stated zero facts, just your opinions. You’re not a philosopher, you’re a delusional racist that’s read too many books on fascism and is easily triggered by overly PC people. It sounds like your father was a genuine piece of shit as well.

  2. It’s nice to see written articles posted regularly again on this blog.

    It’s not easy when the prevailing wisdom of our society contradicts gut instinct and what one actually witnesses in day-to-day living. You keep wondering what’s wrong with you and why you keep thinking such evil thoughts. Especially when your parents made sure to raise you in the least diverse neighborhood they could find, but never tell you to avoid diversity. When I grew up, and had the opportunity to see majority black and hispanic neighborhoods for myself, I felt like I was in a third world country. I am sick and tired of diversity now.

    I understand that there are cultural differences between different tribes of whites, be they Scots, Germans, Italians, Russians, Frenchmen, and so forth. I may not always quite like some of them, and some of them just plain rub me the wrong way, but (((they))) want to destroy all of us, every white person on Earth. (((They))) do not make distinctions, we are all the same to them. I’m not going to make a big deal about such differences in the face of such a threat. They seem insignificant in the current context.

  3. Agreed on all points. Luckily I was raised by a Father who recognized the dangers of diversity and taught me about lesser races at a young age.

    Thanks for commenting!

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