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  1. I’m confused. Are you gay, straight, trans, pan?

    We can use the “born this way” trend, Johnnie. I myself was born a racist. Who is to say racism is wrong? Why are their values superior to my own?

    I wish to hear where you want this gay/trans/lesbian stuff in the red pill system. Being gay gives Jack Donovan a pass to say and do things a regular straight man cannot.

    • As much as I dislike her, I have to say I’m somewhat Ayn Randian on this subject. Man is not given, he is made. He is earned. “Work hard to achieve a life of purpose and productiveness.”

      Money does not make a man rich. A poor man with money will quickly waste it all away, we see this with lottery winners all the time. A rich man with no money is simply in an asset drought, and will rectify it soon.

      I am fond of the metaphysicists, despite the questionable proof of their work, most occult practices center on a single facet. The world is will, will is the word. We will things into existence. Only through hard work, dedication, and exceptional determination and willpower, can we make anything. Real magic, every time you get to the source, turns out to just be “Want it so bad through action and choice that it comes into existence.” The whole secret in The Secret is “Have a clear goal, work hard, and the rest will fall into place.”

      Empires are not born this way. Empires are made this way. By willpower. It’s what sets the noble and distinguished Aryan masters apart from the ignorant teeming masses of third world Dindus and Allahu Akbars and Vida perezosas.

      And as for the sexuality aspect, one of the reasons I always avoided the Conservative and Libertarian mindset is that despite agreeing with many core philosophies, their cognitive hypocrisy always threw me off. “We want the government to stay out of our lives, stay away from our guns, stay away from our religion, stay out of our businesses. Unless we don’t like their lifestyles. Then the government can control your sexual lives.”

      What goes on in the bedroom does not concern me. Other people mind their own business, I mind my own. I believe Libertarian philosophy should apply there as well. No government be involved in the intimate relationships of people.

      I don’t consider myself any sexuality. I’m the worst sort. A hedonist. I seek pleasure where I find it.

      I don’t do groupthink, and I don’t try to imagine what redpill is or isn’t. If redpill wants to dishonestly pull in people by giving them the illusion they are shackled to the yoke of some burning genetic master, then so be it. I am under no such illusory master. Born this way does not make me who I am. I actively choose who I am. And I build who I am through hard work and discipline. Something the vast majority of SJWs and LGBT lack. Discipline.

      I am made this way by my own hands. I choose my liaisons. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

  2. I was thinking, Locke.

    I think I could support a WN fucking a nigger in the ass, but not the other way around. So basically, if you lay a coon, you have to be the top, m’kay?

    • If I am ever subject to a relationship with another human, as I have three very white children from two failed marriages, it will be with either a Korean woman or an Irish man. Whatever comes next, it will likely be miserable again.

      I suppose it’s whatever God throws my way.

      • I approve of white men sleeping with non-white women. This is a controversial subject. Seems like most white men prefer the “mixed” type of non-white woman, not a pure negress or gook.

        Do you like the pure Korean look? Isn’t it too asian for you? Let me see a pic.

        • Funny story. When I was a child I was a weeb. Loved Japan and anime. Video games are to blame, I suppose. But I was a shut in loser either way.

          When the school of hard knocks laid me out on the pavement, I found there were more important things to deal with aside sleeping in your car and starving.

          Even into my more stable and successful post twenties I still had this lingering fascination with Japanese women but soon realized I could never afford one as all I encountered were focused on marrying wealthy men. Japanese women have a high upkeep. They expect standards, always displeased to be less than their imagined self. Which will be out of my price range for another decade or so.

          But Korean women, however, seemed to live in poverty like I did. And so I simply lowered my standards and accepted that Koreans were almost like acceptable knockoff Japanese people but at a discounted rate. When I’ve built my fortune, however, I don’t want a gold digger. I want someone who respects hard earned wealth, and by that time I might just swing back to eyeing Japanese women again.

          Really at this point it’s a matter of frugality.

          • Do you like the pure Japs or the mixed ones? Usually white men like the jap-white hybrids.

            It sounds like you went to South Korea or Japan to teach English. Many white man learn what a dump Murka really is when they leave.

            There is an entire class of racists who practice PUA and expating. They tend to go to Central America or Southeast Asia, with fewer going to Eastern Europe. At one point, I too was going to go to Thailand to lift, train and live.

          • I would like to Doc, but it is not advisable.

            Voice recognition technology is improving. I may need a “clean record” or “clean voice” some time in the future. I don’t want to tie Ryu the racist to the real life person.

  3. Strong stuff.

    THe one area I will agree with you 100% is that a man is made by the result of his labors… or, I would add, the lack thereof.

    I would not rule out nature entirely. Just as males brains are wired differently from female brains, so too are hetero male brains from homo male brains… and likely the trend will repeat itself throughout the spectrum. One theory I’ve come up with is that it is nature’s response to the stresses of overpopulation; adaptations which lead one to move away from breeding as a natural population control, or natural eugenics if you will. Not to mention all the tampering modern medicine has introduced into natal care.

    So we have an individual who is wired differently from birth, and then subjected to our current culture. Due to the blatant misandry in the society, it is very difficult for a boy to grow up into a fully-realized man. Given the natural talents and tools, one must have the environment with which to utilize them. Currently, this is not the case. Boys are admonished for being boys. I would not be surprised if some boys come to the conclusion that further feminization is a good self-preservation tactic, given the pedestal the culture puts females on. In the end, not a very good tactic, as they can never do the one thing that defines a woman: propogating the species by birthing children. This may also be a factor that deepens their depression. Also, they are not likely to be accepted by the very people they want to become. Trans-exclusionary radical feminism is a thing.

    In the end, TMV will infect those who have not developed an immunity to socially-engineered decay. If 100 useless males mutilate themselves out of the gene pool, that is fine by me.

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