2 comments on “The Mask of Lohn Jocke and Draw of the Alt-Right

    • Gamergate, I would say, originally dislodged me. Like Neo’s awakening from the Matrix into the pods. A stark realization that identity politics and virtue signalling had spiraled into witch hunting and groupthink in ways I had not noticed. Slow death sneaks up on you when you’re lulled in a stupor.

      By networking during those years, I found people who made a lot more sense. And the more of us banded together to fight against the media itself and uncover corruption and censorship, I moved more and more to the right. At some point I spoke on my novels and how I needed an editor but I was terrified all the gatekeepers of the literary industry were SJWs, and I liked to explore extreme polar opposites, I was afraid I’d be blacklisted or a boot licker. Then Doc Illusion offered to help with editing. We seem to hit it off and now we’re here.

      He and his wife are good people and I am forever grateful to know them.

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