2 comments on “The AltRight Ballad Of Victory

  1. Big words, Locke. And mighty oaths.

    The demographics of the situation guarantee that nationalists must get more radical. Each year, the USA becomes 1-2% more mino and 1-2% less white. You do that math.

    Trump is not a revolutionary. There has been no victory because nothing has been won.

    Brits vote Brexit…nothing changes.

    Murkans vote Trump….nothing changes.

    Nationalists will have to get their ethnostate beyond the normal channels.

    • I’m not a soldier, I’m a librarian and a mad scientist. My word is only a message. If it inspires, then good. If not, then I’ve spoken from my Soap Box.
      I am a firm believer that words have no value, they are nothing but air and sound. Until they are converted into action.
      And I hope a lot of people convert into action very soon. You are right on all fronts. There’s no revolution without fire and blood. Talking is just masturbation.

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