One comment on “International Women’s Day

  1. The basis of all leftism is envy.

    White feminists take their position for granted vis-a-vis White males because they really are only interested in their status and position with respect to White males.

    They do not see anyone else, and they assume that their society in which Whites are free to compete for this status can never be lost.

    But: you don’t know race until you’re the only White person in the room.

    But envy doesn’t care as long as its resentment is assuaged. These are ugly people, and their coalition is always precarious.

    ‘We are with you’— actually means anyone who has a cause for envy and resentment due to a differing status (in a White country) than White males. Nobody is concerned about ‘Asian privilege’. Why?? One big reason is not visible and therefore not felt.

    This is where the rhetoric about ‘privilege’ comes from, again, there’s now no need to admit envy, as you have justified that with complaints about ‘privilege’.

    Of course, the ‘privilege’ IS the accomplishment and the benefits that come from it. How is that NOT envy when progressive are calling it unjust, privilege or trying to tax it away??

    Privilege is the newest mask for envy as social policy. Government eats it up for the power it brings.

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