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    • I still have a Twitter, I’m just incognito. Hit Mistress up on Twitter (@LadyMisogyny) and she can tell you how to find me.

  1. Ha ha ha. You rat. You’re just here because jewtube and now twita won’t have you.

    The ‘fake new’ scam is just another name for the large-scale censorship what WNs should have been expecting. Youtube, Google, basically anything well-known is pro-system. Many other WNs have had to leave jewtube.

    You might think about showing your face on video.

    Murka is a police state; has been for decades now. Your money and job don’t make you untouchable. It’s all the legal things the system can do that are bad and our enemies control that legal system.

    One cannot be an extremist nationalist AND put your face/real name out there. Doesn’t work.

    One or the other. Publicly known activists must moderate, and extremists need privacy/anonymity.

    • Actually, I’m still on YouTube and Twitter.

      Also, Daily Stormer is posting my podcasts and videos. I’m not putting more work into my site again because I lack an audience, it’s because I have a bigger audience every day and I want to share that audience with others.

      Many WNs out there are creating good content but they cannot get on sites like TRS thanks to nepotism and assholes. Illusion of Sanity is gonna provide an outlet for those people.

      I already have folks telling me they want to start writing here and making podcasts for this platform, thanks to my article.

      Never assume to know my motives, Ryu.

    • Well, you have an account…when you’re ready to start writing, I’ll give you Author privelege on the site. Sieg Heil!

  2. Of course you would call for TRS to be burned to the ground. Your just pissy they didn’t let your podcast on their network. Pretty low T tbh.

    • Umm….when did I call for the destruction of TRS? I said “I have no ill will towards Sven or TRS”.

      So, why do you feel the need to misrepresent my words? I actually mentioned on my show that I still listen to TRS podcasts and I don’t really care about the latest drama.

      So, what’s your angle, mate?

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