8 comments on “Happy New Year, 2017

  1. Show your face you piece of shit Nazi. The Nazis were defeated before and will be defeated again. Colored people will no longer be opresssd and WILL fight back against any attempt of fascism.

    • I do show my face. All the time. I even do YouTube videos. Why would I be afraid to show my face? Not like you’re gonna do something about it. Coward.

    • You have a President, you have Governors, scientists, a long list of people in power. And what did 8 years of Colored Power give us?

      Collapsing economy, massive debt? the real plight of color people are the gorilla riots across every city that will only continue and the string of murdered law officers trying to push back your flood of primitives. If you’re going to act like animals, it’s time to start treating you like animals.

      If you ingrates refuse to act civilized, you will know the feel of our jackboots on your throat.

  2. BTW, is mass genocide, disease, constant warfare, exploitation, etc considered functional culture? So uneducated.

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