3 comments on “The Krypto Report: Episode 1

  1. Hello, Doc.

    I see you have taken down your most recent post. That is a good idea.

    The jews have not “openly” declared war upon whites. They lie, dissemble, and hide it. WNs must learn this trick from them.

    They know that denial is a strong human emotion – and they feel it too. Wait them out. 2 weeks, 3 weeks, they are for the most part normal Americans, who cannot concentrate on a thing for more than a short period.

    You might learn something from Richard Spenser and how the jews of Whitefish, Montana went after his ma. You see, he wants to hold an open carry rally through the city. He’s busing in skins from Cali.

    The police will be taking pictures and using facial recognition to get IDs here. No doubt the feds and SPLC will be there also. It’s foolish. WN grows stronger in the shadows. Best to stay there until the time is right.

    • You don’t even have your basic facts right…

      a) It’s Anglin that is saying he’s busing in skin heads. He’s probably trolling the media like he has done before.

      b) The feds and police already probably know who we all are.

      c) Anyone going to such a march is going to be people that are already open White Nationalists. You might have one or two that aren’t, figuring out which ones are still incog would be like a needle in a haystack. Of course the risk is there.

      d) There is a certain level of risk associated with even navigating to an Alt Right website, much less posting on the chans, or twitter, or making a podcast. You’re a big boy, decide on your own how much risk you’re willing to take on. March, tweet, or hide all together.

      • Many nationalists still do not understand how our enemies work.

        They think they can attend marches and protests and leftists will not target them for voxing, use violence, or go after their families. All are standard techniques now.

        Open WNs are moderate WNs, with little exception. They still protect themselves, but with moderation, not anonymity.

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