One comment on “Illusion Radio Special! Destiny Debate!

  1. A discussion?

    That other guy is a liberal. He considers the genocide of himself and his people “a conversation.” His existence is negotiable, and he is willing to make concessions.

    He’d be very offended if you wanted to gas jews or lynch niggers. Yet, he supports the white genocide agenda.

    You allowed him to run you around, explaining your ideology to him, as if he were superior. There’s no conversation possible between a racist and a liberal. All that’s left now is to start shooting.

    ….much like the Civil War. It occurred, because that was the only thing left.

    The only “cure” for liberalism is to stick them in a spic or nig neighborhood. That’s the real test. You have to butt their ideas against reality. Tyrone and Juan won’t have a conversation with him. They’ll steal his shit and threaten to beat his honky ass up. Then they’ll hit on his hipster girlfriend. Most of the time, even this fails to wake them up.

    You gotta use leftist tricks to beat leftists. If everyone is pro-gay, that is not diverse. Diversity is having pro gay, anti gay, and neutral ideas available. A diversity of skin colors does not equal a diversity of ideas.

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