In this episode, Caerulus Rex fills in for Andrew Keith as co-host. Alongside special guests, Davis Aurini and Matt Forney, he and Doc will discuss various perspectives and ideas pertaining to the Alt-Right and where it’s headed.

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

Caerulus Rex: @rex_caerulus

Davis Aurini: @Aurini

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Stares at the World

Matt Forney

On this episode, Andrew Keith is joined by special guest, Deplorable Goy, one of the few brave men to stick by Richard Spencer’s side at last week’s Anti-War March in DC. Topics that the two will be discussing include such subjects as the differing reactions/opinions within the Alt Right to the current Syria conflict and the importance of optics within a movement, along with a fresh, personal account of what exactly went down at the DC march.

David Duke v. Alex Jones



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On this episode of Illusion Radio, Andrew is joined by special guest, Mandi Renae of Twitter. The two will be discussing such topics as the long history of communism and its pitfalls, forced immigration between incompatible cultures, and the pushing of the Leftist/Jewish narrative.

Mandi: @No_Speak123

Andrew: @AndrewK_6

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This is a special episode pertaining to the news on Thursday, April 6th, 2017, that President Donald J. Trump ordered a U.S. air strike on Syrian soil and all of the potential consequences of such an attack. Joining Andrew are Dr. Illusion and Bryden Proctor.

Andrew: @AndrewK_6

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

Bryden: @BrydensFunny

Apologies for the poor quality of this particular show. We wished to get this out as quickly as possible, so that people could be warned.

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On this premiere episode, Andrew Keith welcomes special guest, Armchair Fascist in order to kick off his reign. Subjects discussed will include such topics as the need to expand the Alt Right beyond cyber space and into meat space, the constant suppression of right-leaning ideas by the liberal elites, and the ever-present threat of forced immigration.

Armchair Fascist: @JeffKelly619

Andrew Keith: @AndrewK_6

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On this episode, Doc bids farewell as he hands the reigns over to Andrew Keith for the coming 6 weeks. Joining the two gentleman is our good friend, Johnny Monoxide. The trio will discuss such topics as the Jew Goldstein/Kurt Eichenwald controversy, illegal immigration, and the theft of blue collar jobs by said illegals.

Andrew Keith: @JayQueue5

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

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On this episode, Doc and Andrew Keith are joined by special guest, Malcolm Flex. Flex is the VP of the general Hotep movement and has volunteered to explain to us what Hotep truly is, what their plans/goals are for the future, and some of the more common misconceptions of the movement.

Also discussed are topics such as the gradual decline of black communities across America, freedom of association, and a theoretical Hotep-Alt Right alliance.

Flex: @Malcolm_fleX48

Andrew Keith: @AndrewK_4

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

Mr. Fox: @creepypastafox

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Some valuable Hotep resources for any who desire to learn more can be found below.






Well, goys, this will be a rather different show from usual in that Doc has accepted a challenge to debate.

Twitter e-celeb, Steven Bonnell II, decides to debate Dr. Illusion mono e mono in a discussion about demographic replacement and the ethnostate simply as an ideal or a reality.

Steven: @omnidestiny

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

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A couple of days ago, we had International Women’s Day. However, most of the focus in the movement for “women’s rights” has shifted away from gender, and more towards race. If nothing else, an unholy matrimony has been formed between the feminist circles and their newly gained Muslim allies.


It’s common knowledge that Muslims and the far-Left women of the West have little to nothing in common when it comes to the practices of decency, religion, and family structure. What they, and many other groups composing the multiracial coalition of the Left, have in common is their shared enemy in White civilization.


Many have seen the transition of feminism over the years. While it has always been a movement based in subversion, with its roots in Cultural Marxism, it has now become entirely co-opted to  transform into a voracious machine dedicated to spitting anti-White propaganda. Its faces have gotten browner and browner as the movement succumbs to its anti-White outside pressure.


More issues will follow this one in lockstep as the Left either grow more blatant in their efforts, or they become more confident in their victory. Opposition to feminism will not be countered with accusations of sexism anymore, it will be countered with racism as well, and a whole host of the usual buzzwords. Of course, this is all flanked by the rejection of gender itself as a concept.


By shoe horning Muslims into their movement, they have created a race based issue where none existed prior. This should come as an example to all that anti-White hatred seeps and slithers into all mediums that will tolerate it.


Feminism did not initially form with a heavily anti-White agenda, at least not explicitly. The logical conclusion was extremely detrimental to Whites, but it was focused on gender. And the Leftists leading it had to find a way of holding back the hordes of anti-White non-Whites from invading the ideology and steering it towards their preferred destination. Such is why it is increasingly important to hold groups to the standard of no tolerance when it comes to the bias against our people.


The attacks on the family are attacks on civilization itself. They relegate all of motherhood and the immense task of raising the next generation of Americans to “staying in the kitchen.” Such absurdities have become so ingrained in the thought processes of the masses that they are taken as simple facts, regardless of them having no basis in the truth.
After all, starting a family and living by means which give you the opportunity to live beyond is wholly farcical if all you intend to leave behind is three cats and student loan debt upon your premature death. Such is the life of instant gratification and the pursuit of instant pleasures that is idolized by the Left. Such is the life that leads nations to ruin.