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On this episode of Illusion Radio, the ever elusive co-host, Prima Materia, once again graces us with her presence. Together, she and Doc grill special guest, Christian Bell aka Based British. Plus, our audience gets to have some of their own questions answered regarding all things Britain. Topics discussed include the current state of the UK and Europe as a whole, along with a solemn reminder of the poison that is the Lugenpresse. Also featured is an in-depth look at what it truly means to be red-pilled and why simply taking the bitter medicine is not enough.

Unfortunately, Christian has been struck by the Twitter Ban Hammer since the recording of this episode. He can still be found on Gab or Wrongthink.

Christian: @BasedBritish

Prima: @6GorillionNtEnf

Dr. Illusion: @douchecc

Thanks for listening, goys!