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On this episode of Illusion Radio, Doc is joined once again by co-host, Prima Materia, and special guest, Veruca Salt. Subjects discussed will include the true meaning of fascism, along with opinions on such topics as the porn industry, drug regulation, and US balkanization. As a fun aside, each member of the panel will also debate who would be appointed if they could build their own cabinet.

Veruca: @veruca_14

Prima: @6g0rilli0nmoar

Dr. Illusion: @doctill

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On this episode, Doc is once again joined by the giggly co-host, Prima Materia, along with recurring guest, Dizzy, and very special guest, Bo.

Subjects discussed will include the ever worsening state of colleges, modern music, and Europe as a whole, along with a Gen-Z perspective on the loss of white identity, freedom, and independence.

Bo: @Purest_Bo (Twitter)

@Bo (Gab)

Dizzy: @OpeningEyez (Twitter)

@LadyLiftwaffe (Twitter)

Prima: @6millionmoarplz (Twitter)

@Prima_Materia (WrongThink)

Doc: @doctill (Twitter)

@DrIllusion (WrongThink)

Also be sure to check out Bo’s amazing array of nationalist merchandise at his website, Fashthetics

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