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On this episode, Doc is once again joined by the giggly co-host, Prima Materia, along with recurring guest, Dizzy, and very special guest, Bo.

Subjects discussed will include the ever worsening state of colleges, modern music, and Europe as a whole, along with a Gen-Z perspective on the loss of white identity, freedom, and independence.

Bo: @Purest_Bo (Twitter)

@Bo (Gab)

Dizzy: @OpeningEyez (Twitter)

@LadyLiftwaffe (Twitter)

Prima: @6millionmoarplz (Twitter)

@Prima_Materia (WrongThink)

Doc: @doctill (Twitter)

@DrIllusion (WrongThink)

Also be sure to check out Bo’s amazing array of nationalist merchandise at his website, Fashthetics

Thanks for listening, goys!