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In this episode, the lovable rabid Nazi known as Bryden joins Doc as co-host. The two interview special guest, Moshe, who will be telling us all about the ideology of the Black Israelites. Prepare yourself for a decent amount of head-scratching, a nice bit of fun at the (((Jews))), and a boatload of screaming.

Moshe: @BalKo03

Bryden: @TheActualRacist

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

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On this episode, Doc is joined once again by stand-in co-host, Prima Materia, along with very special guest, Mary Protestant. Topics of discussion include all the latest in Alt-Right drama, a brief overview of the Sutherland Springs church shooting (Spoiler: It was Sam Hyde!), the differences of relationship development in cyberspace vs. meatspace, and the wonderful world of AIDS!

The lovely Mary is currently taking a break from social media, but will hopefully be returning sometime soon.

Prima Materia: @Prima_Materia (WrongThink)

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley (Twitter)

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