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On this episode, Andrew Keith is joined by special guest, Deplorable Goy, one of the few brave men to stick by Richard Spencer’s side at last week’s Anti-War March in DC. Topics that the two will be discussing include such subjects as the differing reactions/opinions within the Alt Right to the current Syria conflict and the importance of optics within a movement, along with a fresh, personal account of what exactly went down at the DC march.

David Duke v. Alex Jones



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On this episode of Illusion Radio, Andrew is joined by special guest, Mandi Renae of Twitter. The two will be discussing such topics as the long history of communism and its pitfalls, forced immigration between incompatible cultures, and the pushing of the Leftist/Jewish narrative.

Mandi: @No_Speak123

Andrew: @AndrewK_6

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This is a special episode pertaining to the news on Thursday, April 6th, 2017, that President Donald J. Trump ordered a U.S. air strike on Syrian soil and all of the potential consequences of such an attack. Joining Andrew are Dr. Illusion and Bryden Proctor.

Andrew: @AndrewK_6

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

Bryden: @BrydensFunny

Apologies for the poor quality of this particular show. We wished to get this out as quickly as possible, so that people could be warned.

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