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On this short episode, Doc and AK have a sit down to talkĀ about the recent uptick in Antifa attacks and what will likely result from such attacks. Also discussed is the safety, or lack thereof, of Richard Spencer and what needs to be done about it.

This week’s been a rather wild one, with many shows recorded. The Mistress will be working nonstop in order to get those out to you. In the meantime, enjoy!

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On this episode, the terrible trio is finally reunited! Along with special guest, Andrew Keith, subjects discussed include the latest rash of fake news, a tribute to the upcoming MLK Day, a debate over the significance of the Holocaust vs. the Holodomor, and a thorough lesson in Christianity and the Bible, Old Testament and New.

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Good Day, gentlemen.

This is Dr. Illusion. I know I haven’t written here in a while, and it’s time I rectify that. I’m very thankful to John Locke for his work, he’s been producing content for my site while I’ve been busy fucking off on Twitter and doing radio. You’ve done a great job, Locke, and you have come a long way.

The primary purpose of this post is to let everyone know that I’m going to be writing here more, going forward, and I’m going to start posting all of my podcasts and videos here. I want to turn Illusion of Sanity into the bustling hub of writing and media that it once was, before (((they))) had my site taken down and 5 years of content wiped out.

One of the primary motivators of my new dedication to Illusion of Sanity is my multiple bans from Twitter. I’ve been Shoah’d 4 times this week. I think the reason for the target on my back is the “New Years Resolutions for Jews” video that I produced, in conjunction with Jess Lynn. Since publishing that video on New Years Eve, I cannot keep a Twitter account for more than a day. My video being picked up by Daily Stormer probably didn’t help.

This ban from Twitter is actually a net positive, though. Using Twitter has harmed my long-form writing ability and given me too much instant gratification. I miss writing a good article here and having long conversations in the comments section, some lasting for days.

That being said, I want to address one other topic in this post. I’m sure my readers are aware of a website called The Right Stuff. I have been trying for several months to get my podcast, Illusion Radio, published on TRS Radio. I was told that my audio quality wasn’t good enough yet. So I invested hundreds of dollars into audio equipment for me and my crew, and purchased good recording and editing software. I also had a friend create original music for my show.

That was back in September. Since then, I have had no response from Sven, the individual who runs TRS Radio. They just stopped responding to my emails and tweets. I hold no ill will towards Sven or TRS, and thankfully this is now a non-issue, since Daily Stormer has started publishing my show.

I bring this up because the AltRight has always disliked “media gate-keepers” and being “no-platformed”.

I intend to turn Illusion of Sanity into a platform for all of the really great podcasters and writers out there who are deemed “not good enough” for major outlets like TRS (or who perhaps just don’t know the right people). This is going to require a lot of work, and website skills that I don’t have…so I’m obviously going to pay someone to help make this happen.

This is a large undertaking, and I’m gonna need donations from you guys….just kidding. Illusion of Sanity and Illusion Radio are completely funded by me, Dr. Illusion. I have never begged for money, and I don’t intend to ever do so.

So, if you have a podcast, or a YouTube channel, or a blog that needs an audience…let me know. You can leave a comment here or email me at .

Happy New Year, Goyim!

-Dr. Illusion