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What a wild and eventful year we’ve had, yeah?

From the words of many people on social media, you could be led to believe it was the worst year in history. For liberals, for millennials, for the bleating consumerists of mainstream media, Trump was literal Hitler and some washed up drug addicts dying from years of self abuse represents the end of the world. Woe and lament! A handful of geriatric celebrities are dead! Say nothing of dozens of Turkish civilians murdered by Islam today, nor of the several million dead by the usual suspects worldwide, nor the mass shootings which have become a daily occurrence, nor to the endless other factors of heart disease, cancer, or simple bad luck. For a president that isn’t even inaugurated yet, it’s as if he’s committed atrocities just by tweeting.

In light of the perspective of history, however, 2016 was a one of the best years yet. No bubonic plague, no great sweeping World Wars or mass genocide (unless you count ISIS and the rape-ugees.)

We’re moving past the banking and housing bubbles created by the Clinton and Bush era Wall Street Plutocracy. States are legalizing weed and other once “taboo” policies by vote of their own people, giving the Federal nothing but middle fingers- which despite how you feel about those topics I insist that this is the correct progression of how a country thrives. Localized power voted by local, for local, with big government keeping their hands out of our daily lives.

Most importantly, people who would have, a decade ago, condemned the idea of White people having a say in anything are now embracing it. Nationalism and support of our great country are also on the rise. As such, White Nationalism is now in the spotlight. I’ve made various hypothetical arguments by playing Devil’s Advocate in the past, but the truth is that the world considers me to be White. Every cultural aspect I respect and cherish about this world comes predominantly from what’s identified as White Culture. My kids will be classified as White, and their future is at stake.

I’m not of the opinion that it’s ethically right to exterminate and wipe out anything considered to be non-white. But the fact of the matter is that a war is under way. A war to exterminate Whites from the world. There are no rules in love and war. So, if we have to fight extermination with extermination, we will come out on top. We will not be destroyed, and we will emerge victorious. But the road to victory requires allies, some of whom are a necessary evil. The Hoteps, the Milo Yiannopoulos types, the fedora-wielding Atheists, etc. Blacks and Hispanics voted for Trump, and I’d rather have them on our side than against us. We will push back the diversity plague and emerge again on top with the ability to be proud of our Whiteness, to no longer hide in shame, and to dominate this country for the purpose of protecting scum from their own idiocy.

If anything, I say it’s time we whitewash the world. Places without White Culture are third world shitholes, each a Mos Eisley. Across Africa, South America, and the Middle East we’re seeing goat fucking, slut murdering, pedophile enabling, drug cartel-owned ruins of civilization where anarchy and violence rule the land. Say what you will about police shootings, but on an average day in America we have one of the most orderly, law abiding civilizations on the planet. Crime is endemic to our way of life, but we can at least minimize the consequences. If allies of other cultures or skin colors come to Trump’s America, born here or not, they must adapt. They must convert to White Culture and they must do so because we provide refinement, civilized discourse, and law and order. We provide cutting edge technology and cleanliness. We provide a system that functions. If they want to squabble in their own shit while burning their own cities down, let them do so outside of America. Trump’s America will be a place of law, order, and sophistication. If Blacks and Mexicans and whoever else want a part of the American dream, it’s time to reinforce the system of learning English and behaving in a civilized manner.

White Nationalism is the only course to save us from the flood of enriched diversity that is tearing Europe apart right now. Nationalism keeps us from disintegrating as every other nation attempts to tear us apart and collapse us for foreign agents to move in and divvy up our world. Nationalism keeps us united within these borders, and helps us drive back foreign influence.

I’ve always been a truce maker at heart, a uniter of tolerance. Then GamerGate pulled back the curtain on the Social Marxist agendas, shedding light on the insanity of the left. White Genocide is a joke on Twitter that gets overlooked, while, hypocritically, the online Social Justice Cultists enforce brutal measures against anyone who speaks ill of non-Whites. The second shocking revelation was when BlackLivesMadness showed me what rioting chimpanzees they become if they are riled up by the outrage news. Innocent people attacked, their own local Black-owned stores trashed and looted, and cops murdered. The Trump election was the final transition piece for me. Islam needs to be stopped. Refugees need to return to their countries and take them back from the savagery they fled. Mexicans need to go eradicate the cartels and make Mexico a place worth living in, so that they never want to leave.

2017 is the year for us to push back. It’s been disheartening to see our social media and news controlled by the lunatics telling us to be guilty and ashamed of being alive. It’s very morale crushing to see Allah Akbars shooting and exploding people every other week. It’s dissuading to see the Transgender mental illness pushed onto our children and into our bathrooms. And it’s a damn shame that our current President sought to sit back and orchestrate this all. In his last few weeks he’s pushing to explode another world war.

But we have hope, friends. 2017 is Trump’s year. It will be a long, hard road from here. White Culture must be returned to it’s former strength, and Nationalism will give it the skeleton to flesh out. We have a rising tide of degeneracy and savages encroaching upon us. We cannot be beaten, our children’s futures are at stake. We need to work with each other and stand strong.

Our first order of affairs, brethren, is to keep a level head. The spotlight for the stage has been set, and we must show our dignity. We may excuse ourselves to recover mental health, but while we are in public we have expectations placed upon our shoulders. If we go the direct Nazi route, the ravenous hordes will use it against us. I hail as much as Richard Spencer, but we need to play this smart. We need to use the rules of the game to our advantage. First, we need to put White Nationalism into every level of the system that we can. We need to take up positions in congress, in local government, in court and law enforcement, in fire and medical. Most importantly, we need to pry the Marxists from our schools and get ourselves into teaching institutions, as the information put into our children’s heads changes the course after us. We need to be in every sphere of influence. We need to steal back the media, the information systems, everything. Let’s culturally enrich them with some actual, real, functional culture. Make America White Again.

We need to keep ourselves strong and stand tall while we do so.

Onward to the best year ever, 2017. On to eight years of Making America Great Again. And on to White peopel standing shoulder to shoulder, all as one and one for all. Push back, America. Push them to the shores and let them drown at sea.

“Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.”

~ Joseph Goebbels

Spin, spin, spin, they say.

There’s this story about how the Rothschild’s spread information during Napoleon’s loss to send the country’s economic structure into a tailspin. By the time people discovered Napoleon had not won, Rothschild was effectively in control of one of the most powerful stock exchanges of the time. This story is a perfect example of spin control.

History has had a long line of people lying for profit.

Bush’s post 9/11 spin that pushed through the Patriot Act, the bullshit evidence that pushed us into an Iraq invasion, and the false “Mission Accomplished” slogan all pointed to further evidence of the dark and nebulous relationship between the populace and information channels.

All the data available to you at any given moment, at least in pre-internet times, has always been funneled through state-approved, gatekeeper-edited, elite-controlled vectors. How do you know the news is telling you the truth? Because the news tells you that they tell the truth? It’s the bible scenario all over again, where people believe it’s a book of truth because the book says it’s so. That’s closed loop logic bullshit, and while I do believe in the value of the bible, I still take it with a grain of salt for the thousands of years of revisions, edits, language changes, and political meddling that time has placed upon it (a blasphemous argument for another time). The news cannot fact check itself, nor the government, for both have been compromised and exposed for their blatantly lying to our faces. Their hands have been caught in cookie jars as often as the CIA has been caught sneaking drugs into the country. False flags, baby. Look up the film, Kill the Messenger, some time, itself buried by mass media. Alan Moore summed this all up perfectly: who watches the Watchmen?

The internet has made this confusion and unreliability all the worse. Now we have very immediate and direct access, nearly instantaneously, to unedited information before any of it hits the spin cycle. Spin, spin, spin. So, the powers that be dump and foster mounds of disinformation bullshit among the truth nuggets out there. Spin, spin, I’m so dizzy.

When we talked about UFOs there was some push-back, and reptilian shape-shifters is all just tinfoil crazy talk. Alex Jones screamed how 9/11 was an Inside Job through a megaphone and everyone shrugged. Money laundering, Satanic Moloch worship. All the decades of fringe talk in the news, all just shrugged off. Even a decade of Bush Jr hacking elections, Obama hacking elections, all of that just a hand wave to a disenfranchised public. Then, PizzaGate happened and real, nasty evidence surfaced, pointing to the possibility that there might actually be human trafficking in DC through various “human rights” organizations made to protect them. All shielded under Democratic elites. Suddenly the media got very interested in Fake News. The spin was out of control, get me off this ride I’m gonna-

That’s right. The government, who has NEVER LIED TO US, and the big five media, WHO HAVE ALSO NEVER LIED TO US, are cracking down on the information they don’t want us to know and now talk of instating Orwellian state-approved “Real News” real fast, all the while working to shut down, ban, and delete state-disavowed “Fake News”.
Now, I want to mention that someone on Reddit found that I was digging too deep into the PizzaGate thing and sent me a text which I’ve arranged into this picture below. For a tl;dr, he advises me that if I catch the elite’s attention about this, they will track me down and eat my children in front of me before shattering my body and torturing me to death.

So, in the interest of my family’s safety, I’m no longer going to dig.

I believe this whole Fake News thing is a distraction used to cover up vast conspiracies, but my focus today is on the reality of state-controlled truth. On the dangerous path we’re headed down right this moment. Spin, spin. Social media, government officials, and mainstream news are making a concerted effort right now to shut down which ever news it deems fake. Legislation to control thought gurgles down the pipelines, the first of many.

The direction in which we are headed will see the monopoly of information sources tighten an iron grip, and if things proceed on this course, we’re facing an unprecedented crackdown on information. Whatever happened in 2016, the people behind the scenes appear to have been Royally pissed off and do not want their Savile secrets revealed. Chances are they’ve already killed Julian Assange, no proof he’s still alive. They’re very displeased about the current state of the internet and have attempted multiple ways to control the internet, to which, luckily, our citizens have fought tooth and nail to save.

According to one fun occult podcast I listen to, we may have some valid info on what’s really happening behind the scenes. Hillary and Podesta got sidelined very quickly by someone who has paid no price (publicly), and this all coincidentally started around the time Hillary announced she would dig up and make public details about NASA (Podesta’s been an outspoken UFO cook since the 90s). Occam’s Razor all the tinfoil talk. The reality is that the government operates black sites and something called the “Black Budget” buried beneath their UFO research. Up to $50 billion unaccounted for every year for secret projects that they don’t even share with other branches of the government. I suspect this is a valid concern, why certain unseen hands have wrecked many political careers at their peak stride, and something string pullers will change political structures over. The Black Budget is more important to these people than the President.



These Black Budgets are very likely attached to questionable and dangerous information that could reveal terrifying things about what’s really going on. No supernatural or extraterrestrial speculation required. Just secrets, powerful secrets. I do believe they’ve tucked this very real and dangerous information deeper beneath other “tinfoil” topics like Satanic cults, human trafficking, and UFO technology, perhaps using those as red herring distractions from what they’re really doing with those billions. Wikileaks, Anonymous, and other decentralized information centers are a threat to them, to their secrets, and to the structure of who REALLY runs this world.

The more pieces you put on the map, the more obvious the chessboard starts to take shape. People like George Soros are kingmakers, moving pieces on a map. But it’s possible the rabbit hole leads insidiously down to much deeper and more terrifying conclusions.

All the deep dark conspiracy material aside, the real problem we’re dealing with is that whatever truth was allotted us by the uncontrollable internet, the “Won Percent” in charge are working very hard to shut down any attempt at digging up truth. People who discover it are threatened, co-opted, or buried. Sources that spread information freely are traitors and criminals. And with this Fake News narrative being shoved down our throats, we are soon to lose whatever freedom we had to our information. Which is essentially the problem here, with the fake news stories, with everything.

We can’t dig and find the truth for what’s really going on when they outlaw digging and they demonize truth.

Be weary in 2017. Lies will be mounted in force, while truth will be condemned. I loathe how much we’re all becoming Alex Jones these days, but the reality is that the establishment is pushing doublethink.

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

The walls of the rat maze are closing in. I’ll leave it to X Files to take us home.

Trust No One.

All my life I’ve been a Jester. I take stock of the world around me and I pour that into the mould of a mask which I wear and dance and play tricks on people with. My calling has always been one of a mischievous Joker, benevolent and kind but with a slight bite. My mask is in the spirit of Marilyn Manson who best summed up his work with the phrase, “This is what you should fear, you are what you should fear”. This mask is to protect my family from minorities, degenerates, and an Establishment bent on destroying me.

My mask is a mirror through which society sees itself.

I’ve been dancing and laughing a lot this year, in response to an ever increasing insanity of the world. Two years ago, Lohn Jocke’s mask came into existence as I was struggling to cope with the wake of GamerGate, the rise of the digital-fascist left, OutRage Culture, and The Establishment Narrative. On one hand, I was always socially liberal; whatever people want to do with their bodies does not bother me. But I am heavily anti-authority and anti-control. I do not tell others what to do with their lives and I’ll be damned to let anyone try to tell me what to do.

Within legal limits regarding the safety of others, of course.

On the other hand, the rioting black population and the bombing/knifing/shooting Muslim population were not only growing in tandem with the Social Marxist left, but were embraced by it. Fostered and grown within it.

Occupy Wall Street had a valid concern that got co-opted by their operatives. We’ve had Anonymous, Wikileaks, the Snowden leaks, GamerGate, and now the rise of the Alt-Right. And these events all peaked behind the Establishment’s curtain to look into the Truth behind the narrative. And the underlying purpose of that narrative is deeply frightening.

I want to be clear about things. I was raise by the Boy Scout and “Leave it to Beaver” era. Andy Griffith, Lassie, Perry Mason, Happy Days, MASH, The Brady Bunch, Bewitched, The Partridge Family, and I Dream of Jeannie. I was raised as a gentleman, to be polite, friendly, and to help others. To tell the truth and be kind and to love, to use temperance and patience to accept others at their worst and see in them their best.

My liberalism finds its roots in a deep hatred of being bound, controlled, or restricted. If I want to suck a man’s dick or dress up like a woman or even worship the devil, no one can tell me otherwise, so long as I do it in the privacy of my home. Behind closed doors, I believe we have that freedom. In public, we have the freedom to express these ideas as well. But nowadays, when young millennials say such things, what they speak of comes from a foundation of instability. I was raised on a foundation of stability, of extended family with cousins, uncles, and aunts. Of the mother, the father, and the child. My expression of personal freedom comes from an individual level.

Society is not founded at an individual level. It’s founded at an institutional level. And that foundation needs a stable environment for families to thrive and children to pass into productive stable lives. So, all of my personal behind-closed-doors freedoms can exist so long as they do not threaten that vital stability. Societies need families and, in turn, families need tradition. Adults do not have to marry, that is a part of personal freedom, but they must keep their own kinks, hobbies, and lifestyles away from the foundation of family.

The left doesn’t want stability. They don’t want healthy people. They want to shatter families into single parent structures and then open the door for children to become impressionable to a form of sheer madness. The rise of mental illness, physical disease, and erratic behavior has churned society into chaos. Gone are the morals of the Boy Scout era, replaced now with a reckless social freedom in which we no longer have one united society but an endless amount of fractured cells who boldly fight the foundation of social structure while embracing the message of the Establishment’s Narrative.

I believe in family first, society cemented by family, while the minority thinkers are free to do their own thing in dark rooms, out of sight. As has been the way of civilization for a long, long time.

I came to the Alt-Right because I look at a thousand variables in diverging timelines and read probability. I’m looking at the highest probable future ahead of us, and it is dark. I had no interest in voting for three decades; last election I liked Obama and hated Romney. Even one year ago I was going with Bernie Sanders. “Fuck Capitalism,” I cried, “personal freedom and hypothetical intellectual arguments are more valid than your Republic!” I was in deep.

And then, the variables shifted. America’s sovereignty has begun to fracture. Illegals and Refugees are pouring into our cities. The black people I’d spent my whole life trying to “give a chance”, who already had a representative President, along with numerous CEO’s and other powerful players in the world, were burning cities in childish tantrums. News outlets are now hailing Pedophilia and Bestiality, two lines that CAN NOT be crossed. While, all around me, friends and family reeled under the transgender illness and turned unstable, many of them spiraling into self-destructive wastes. I saw America in the next thirty years and it terrified me. The effect was quite sobering and no amount of intoxication would make it go away. The world was fucked. Economic systems were beginning to crash, social sectors were facing increasing civil unrest, and the world was conspiring to wipe out anyone with White Skin. Not in any apparent or obvious form of concentration camp genocide. No, they had learned from Hitler the reaction to the obvious and instead perfected a subtle malevolence in their creeping take over.

Obama’s America has led us to collapse. Our enemies are not the Russians, nor the Chinese. All strings lead back to the elites, and among them the Jewish Agenda is numerous. I can see the chess board being played between George Soros, Warren Buffet, the Koch Brothers, the Rothschild family, and numerous other unseen hands or for whom I cannot account. Below them, their agents are the world banking structure, entire governments, and all five main media channels: AOL/TW, Clear Channel, Disney, News Corp, and Viacom. When you are told what to think or believe, ask yourself, who wants you to hear that and where they got that information from.

Their game is nothing less than destabilization of the Western world. Having turned the Middle East, Africa, and South America into hot messes, they are now in the process of setting Europe, America, and Australia upon the same route. Putin has kept Russia strong against these influences and remains a fairly stable country comparatively, while China has their own way of dealing with destabilization. Sadly, both Russia and China only keep themselves stable by embracing authoritarianism (to the edge of fascism) and very strict forms of government enforced nationalism. For America to keep from disintegrating any further into a quagmire of dissolution, we will, as well, need to embrace both forms of nationalism and fascist behavior.

Otherwise the America that we know, which has thrived for the last 2.5 centuries, will be lost. Weakened to chaotic instability, the elites who control the world will sweep in and replace our current systems.

In light of this future, I was forced to accept a winning and losing side. I was forced to grow up and accept the consequences of economic irresponsibility and social degeneracy. And while I still believe in a personal freedom of choice in private matters, it becomes more and more apparent every day that unless we preserve a stable family structure, entire communities will be at each other’s throats. And without community, we are a nation fractured. Without a unified nationality, we might as well be fifty separate countries.

I can guarantee you this: no state in this union will, by itself, stand up against the other world powers.

My mask is Lohn Jocke, a mirror of a world gone mad, told from a Libertarian “rights of the individual” point-of-view but with a strong respect for the future of a White Nation. Deep down, I don’t hate minorities, I just don’t want to mix with them. I believe in social segregation, not legal segregation. If they want to have little Africa’s and little China’s in the big cities, then by all means, cordon off sections and let them exist in their place. Otherwise, they need to assimilate and behave as the other ninety percent of the country does. This mask I wear is my dancing and joking simulacrum because, deep down, I’m an introvert, a home body, and not very exciting. If my real identity were ever revealed it would only end in my family banishing me, SJW’s getting me fired from my job, and blacklists from the few industries that I am skilled in. I don’t have the established clout of a Scott Adams or Vox Day with which to support myself.

I joined the Alt-Right because I don’t want to see my children cucked. I don’t want to see my freedoms paved over by foreign interests. And I voted for the first time in a decade for Trump because I believe that despite some losses of civil liberty we may face, our economic and sovereign stability is more important than who I can have sex with. Besides, I’m too old for dating or sex, I’m too wise for worries of the primitive flesh. I’m thinking not of short-sighted momentary wants. My goal is long term national needs.

We need an awakening of White Nationalism and White Pride. We need a return to Brady Bunch family units, stable structures of support. We need a return to unified culture. We need to reject diversity and stabilize our entire society before it eats itself.

I support the Alt-Right because I see one future in which it wins and one in which it loses. And no amount of desire for personal freedom is worth the future in which the Alt-Right loses.

Today, I’d like to go off the usual intellectual script of paperwork, long words, and winding philosophies. I shall remove my spectacles, take off my fine dress jacket, laid folded like a serial killer; remove my dress shirt, my slacks and suspenders, and even my fine wingtip shoes. I will then pull on my overalls, my Budweiser shirt, confederacy hat, some mud stompin’ boots, stick some Grizzly Finecut Wintergreen in my cheek, shotgun a beer, yell “Yeeeehaw” and say, “y’all motherfuckers is pissin’ me off!” Like this asshat right here.

That guy right there? Fuck him. Fuck his mom and pops. Now, before I get all overheated, here are some cows on a beach.


Woo wee! Let me tell ya. There is something rank on the internet right now that just really drives me up a tree. Half my family is in Missouri and Oklahoma. I got others in Ohio and Idaho. And if there’s any one thing I know, no, if there’s any two things I know, it’s racists and cows.

I don’t wanna dredge myself down to character assassination and all, so I’m gon’ leave ol’ CJ Chucklefuck here’s personal life alone. Evidence of him got pulled after a big ruckus, but his Wikipedia’s still up here:

Now, let’s start with just this post and it’s followin’ ones, alone. I don’t want to write a ten page diatribe on one asshole, I just want to bring some facts to sharp attention.

“If you look out your front door and can see the ocean, you’re probably a liberal. If you can see cows, you’re probably a racist.”

Maybe it’s a gentrification thing. Yuppie assholes runnin’ up the price of beachfront property. That shit ain’t cheap, lemme tell ya. And I can immediately call this bullshit because a lot of inner cities with no sign of the ocean got large cancerous lumps of liberals. Cities is indoctrination traps, we call ’em. Big granite and steel sandpits that pull good honest folks in and brainwash ’em, turn ’em into degenerates, and teach ’em to steal, lie, and murder.

I visit a lot of folks in small houses on ten acre properties and these people don’t lock their doors. They act kind and neighborly to everyone in town. Hell, in most of the towns my relatives live, everyone knows who lives in town. Any stranger comes through sticks out like a sore thumb. And not just Missouri. Northern California got the fag capital by the bay, sure, but you come up East over Interstate 5, or north of Sac, and you smell the sweet aroma of cow shit. My grandpappy lived north of Marysville and grew rice patties for nearly three decades. Chickens and goats and a cow or two. Across the way are endless fruit groves, down the road some nice folks had a dairy farm. He married some mail order bride from an island, twenty years younger than himself.

Ocean and farm are not exclusive. Racism and location neither. I spent a lot of time out in the sand, from Long Beach to Santa Barbara. And I can tell you, I met an awful lot more mean racist fucks with brown skin than I ever did with white skin. I’ve met really tolerant, nice Black folks in farmlands and I’ve been beat up by Mexicans after surfing. Correlation is not causation, you fuckwit.

“I think we need a study into the effects cows have on racism.”

Now this one, I don’t even wanna mention how racist that makes all Hindus by his Strawman. What I am gon’ say is that if you ever sit out and watch a heifer chewin’ cud on a nice peaceful day and you almost feel like you wanna be all diverse and liberal and shit… Until you see shithole migrant camps, riotin’ Dindus, shady fuckin’ Wetbacks, and them degenerate, self-hatin’ white, liberal, child-molestin’ sons of bitches-

Sorry. Sorry. The whole thing just puts my blood pressure through the roof. Only decent folk I ever meet put their hand in the soil. You wanna look past skin color, check how dirty a man’s hands get. Whether it’s working the dirt, the grease of engines, or just a hard day’s work, that’s the color of a good folk’s skin. Dirt. As the good Lord says, from dirt we came and unto dirt we return. And putting sweat and grime on yourself for hard hours at a time leads you to understand the fundamentals of a good and honest society. Beware the lazy ones in concrete jungles who can’t be ass’d to do an honest day’s work. I pick white above all, because I know what’s trusted and true. But those non white people I’ve let into my circles are the ones with blood, sweat, and tears on their hands.

“For 3 decades, rural America has waged a cultural war against those of us who like books, foreigners, & the ocean. Time to wage one back.”

Rural America ain’t done shit, boy. You bring your high priced Starbucks and selfie-obsessed narcissists into our small towns and you gon’ find out real quick, we got no patience for that shit. I love books, I know quite a few good old boys who love to read. Maybe it’s Stephen King or Louis L’Amour or that hack Dan Brown. But we read. Who the hell you think Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly sold their books to for the last several decades?

You fascist shitlibs can’t be buying that many just to burn ’em.

We ain’t waging a cultural war on the new progressive movement. I don’t know if you reckon the meaning of them words. Conservative means to conserve. We stay in one place. That wide sea of red voters you saw this last election that scared the hell out of you? That’s America. That always was. Those were the people who’d lived here before the big cities. Those fine pilgrims and cowboys that tended this land and utilized it, bringing it out of the hands of native savages, bloodthirsty Mexicans, and the goddamned French. Conservation is status quo.

Progressive movement is just that, movement. A creeping, festering filth that grows and grows. Every year I see less of God’s land out there and more of these decrepit, run down, over costly cities. Metropolises bloated out so wide they merge into other cities and become megalopolises. It’s like that Star Craft video game. Cities creep. They’re a plague that consumes and grows and consumes some more.

Monstrous crypts and endless skeletal highways that rip everything sacred away from the trees and the streams and replace it with artificial terrain. Towering crime-ridden hives. You ever seen them Judge Dredd movies? That’s your future. Hell. Every good SciFi that doesn’t blow us to hell and back in scavenger wastelands always ends up the other side of the spectrum. Walled prisons.

In cow land, we don’t have prisons. We just hang people. I better take a breath. My face is so red I feel like grabbing a rope and-

“What has rural America ever done for us? I mean other than that one farmer who let the ghosts of the 1919 White Sox play in his corn field”

I don’t even like that movie, but rural America has done more for you than your cities have. We teach morals, duty, responsibilities, neighborly love. We know each person near us, each person in town. We know the gossip, sure. We are a community and we stick together. When someone’s done wrong by the system, we all pitch in to help. And we all go to church, even if we don’t particularly like it.

And what’s your city ever done for you? A check from the government? How many of your neighbors do you even know? How many locks are on your door? And where in tarnation do you think all that produce in the store comes from? Some hippie in a tiny condo? Some cholos shootin’ up children on the sidewalk? Or one of your tiny, pitiful inner city grow projects where you make a few vegetables?

My family alone can field enough crops for ten thousand. Can your tiny virtue signally weeds do that?

Fuck city slickers. Fuck yuppies and hippies. Fuck the growing infestation of “progressive movement”. Fuck Welfare and clean fingers. Fuck shady souls and barred windows and rioting hooligans. And fuck Obamacare, just because.

The vast majority of this land is Red because it’s the blood of America. The beating heart of the modern world. And those cancerous chunks that asphyxiate into necrotic frostbitten Blue tumors on our shores need to be cut off to save the host.

God, Hallelujah, give me strength with these arrogant coastal nitwits.

I put up a suit and tie, a fancy hat and reading glasses and I walk and talk among the social elites of Onanist narcissists. But deep down in my blood, I know where my family comes from. And what got this country this far.

For full disclosure I have gone cow tippin’ before.

The left had everything on their side!

They had Hollywood shilling hard, mainstream media, too; banks and corporations, all together. The Neocon right who had lost the Obama fight were rubbing greedy hands in her corner. Saudi Arabia, along with other founders of terror and human rights abuse, funneled gold to her coffers, and online shills peddled her supposed thrills, funded by her offers. George Soros’ puppet danced in the ruckus with a rigor mortis mannequin’s best strut. Google and Facebook wackos worked to filter her detractors’ sympathy, while the big three News Headed Hydra played the pied piper symphony. All in all, the champagne corks popped with her early success while Newsweek had her victory coverage splayed across their desks. Despite a mountain of evidence leaked, quite by coincidence, right on the eve of the election, the FBI and DOJ both fought to concede against charging her with any conviction.

Her primaries were rigged by the nepotistic DNC bystanders in order to eliminate any chance of candidate Bernie Sanders. The SJWs and Feminists, the LGBTQMNOP and the dykes on motor bikes, the rioting Dindus and Kebabs all a’fuming, and even our own traitorous GOP stooges, all conspired to support a Hillary win as they got on the small screens to lie again and again. She cowed all her rivals to their knees. Obama and Sanders shilled as hard as the shilling could be. Foreign leaders and former US Presidents alike all stood behind the establishment tree, on top of which sat the most Machiavellian witch that the world could have ever conceived. Bathed in the blood of Spirit Cooking, mysterious deaths to any that went looking into what was really behind Haiti, pasta, and pizza. Loads of illegal voters trucked in, polls gave her 98% wins, while the media covered up her ill health and disease. A billion or more in campaigning, with the citizens complaining that she wasn’t detained for crimes awaiting arraignment.

The left had no chance of losing!

The establishment bet the house on the way things were. Steady the course. New World Order and the new Cold War.

“Why?” the Young Turks pleaded and cried. “How could this be?” was Rachael Maddow’s tearful plee. “Someone must have cheated, let’s riot and protest, let us bite hands that feed and leave our cities a mess.” More violent migrants with their rapes, more fake self harm for attention, more illegals to vote, more black violence, not to mention all the kiddie diddlers awaiting Clinton support and dangerous transgender bathroom ruling in court. “Why, a Clinton win,” they all cheered with chagrin, “would allow us to revel degenerate! Malevolent! Think of all the babies we’ll have aborted!”

How could you have lost?

Well, young shitlibs, gather round, for I shall tell you a story. It’s one of division with no allegory.

White America is fucking pissed.

You divide and deceive. You fabricate need of ills that are simply not needed. You let the economy tank and debt bloat like a snake which has swallowed a zebra. You allow companies to run away, along with mounds of foreign aid, all to ungrateful allies who spit in our eyes. You let both Korea and Iran have bombs you yourself disarmed and thought Russia was the next big bad guy. You blamed it on bigotry and the wage gap myth and you singled out fucking white males. You supported mass degeneracy and overlooked pedo and terror rings by putting power in the hands of insipid land whales. The majority of your support comes from urban wastelands, where there are  bars on the windows and white men eat from trash cans, where the blacks and Hispanics are murdering cops, and when the police shoot back society stops, all to point a finger at the horrible police state that your Welfare violence and mental illness helped to create.

Yet you lost. Why?

The south will fucking rise again.

The rural, the working, the strict of morals. Those patriarch who ignore the small time squabbles. The wealthy, the smart, and the economically sounded. The morally wealthy and holistically rounded. They knew, they all knew, to get out there and vote. To stop pedophiles and Satanists sacrificing goats, to stop degeneracy and vile violence, civil abuse, and everything hallow. To stop the establishment’s crusade against fundamental family values.

We knew. And we make up a larger amount of land ownership than you. We are not apartment renters living off the government tit. We’re the blood, sweat, and sacrifice this country was founded with. And these big sprawling cities where the liberals thrive in the pangs of pandemonium stricken ghetto hives, where the colleges indoctrinate children their whole lives and the monsters roam streets wielding long knives? For every acre of them is a hundred acres of land, where the farmers and small town folk do trade by their hands. Where life is still cherished, the family is, too, where morals are prized above urban social zoos. Where the skin color’s white and the trucks are all huge. And everyone has a hundred guns waiting for you.

We won. Trump is in office and now that you’ve had your fun, it’s time to address this.

To lay out a road map, and cut out the crap, for where we now go so the ravenous masses will finally know: See the bright future for Alt-Right and Nationalists, as the grown ups take charge before these kids drive us off cliffs. It’s not about gloating, or pride, or a break, there’s still an uphill battle ahead and so much at stake. From the recounts to riots, still our future needs reclaimed! There’s still a million Kebabs clawing at the door and thousands among us waiting to Allah Akbar! Still a million illegals who refuse to adapt, and the liberal agenda filling our children with crap. It’s not about race, sex, religion, or lifestyle. It’s really about America surviving the fire. Either you stand with us and pave a way to survive or be crushed beneath boots of our angered rise. We got here through work and there’s much more to do, and now with control we can finally excuse you.

Get out of the way, shitlibs, let us do our job. Or this country will be a wasteland swimming in Kebab.

To my conservative brethren, keep the pace, please! We must work steady, hard, and never concede. Set an example for the right way, righteous and solvent is how the future is won. But if the laws work against it, well, even illegal we’ll do what must be done. Start by breaking up big everything: government, corporations, and banks. Return power from monopolies to people, or this whole country tanks. We need to ensure that families are stable, extended and loyal. With uncles and grandfathers and even that aunt who looks like Susan Boyle. Together we strive, against a whole world gone mad. No more extended wars, no more money abroad. Even trade on all fronts will ensure we’re not screwed. Seal up our borders and flip off the rude. End political correctness and the Social Justice groupthink. Boys will wear blue and the Girls can wear pink.

Freedom of speech and freedom of guns together will give us a win.

Economically smart while socially stable.