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A secretive cult of cannibalistic dark-god worshiping witches in kooky rituals. A child prostitution delivery service managed by Democrat officials tied to a secret sex cult island and pizza delivery restaurants.

Taglines of some grindhouse film or summer thriller? Political espionage? Not unless you’re Alex Jones or David Icke. Real tinfoil crazies crowd. That kind of revelation would have Robert Anton Wilson cackling madly. Right? This is crazy talk.

Yet in the latest turn of events, Podesta emails from Wikileaks have pointed to a sinister truth that many people have known for decades. Underage trafficking is popular with the wealthy, as are all sorts of spiritual gurus and occult personalities, and a complex network of individuals cover up all the evidence they can.

For years we’ve known a wide amount of sexual exploits of Bill “Infidelity starts with In” Clinton. On a tangent, though, we have the Cosby scandal, whose gears have been gunked up so foul to keep it from putting him in prison just long enough to let natural age push him beyond reproach. I’m not one to listen to the stupidity of rape culture from the outrage cults infesting our colleges, but things like this do make me stand up and take notice. Put into the evidence locker Elijah Wood’s comments about how wide spread sexual abuse is against child celebrities. It’s easy enough to look at nearly every child star Disney produced who spiraled into debauch self destruction. To pull all of this together, I’d like you to consider the well documented infamous Jimmy Savile case in which an entire British industry covered up the abused of hundreds of children over decades.

Any one case might be hand waved or addressed by it’s uniqueness. But the compounded implication of leaked details and the storm of rumors authenticated with real evidence have painted a very grim picture. The people who currently run the world know no rules of God nor Government. They buy and sell people as sacks of flesh. Sexual predators are beings of greed and avarice, drawn to positions of power through which they can exploit others. There is no greater power than that of the highest echelons of society. For this alone I think the populace needs to rise up in revolt and weed out this vile behavior.

Then there’s Spirit Cooking. Marina Abramović, a performance artist who is cherished among the liberal artist community, friend to the most powerful and famous pop stars, did a series of pieces for museums called Spirit Cooking. As well, you can find the book she published here. She even put together a Kickstarted foundation for her work ideas.

Now a side tangent. Some people watch birds. Others build model trains. Others cheer on sports teams. I happen to collect information about the occult and metaphysics. I’m an anthropologist in spirit and to fully understand humanity I find learning why they believe what they believe is important. Especially when it involves metaphysics.

I can tell you off the bat that her book and that video revolve around tantric fertility rites. Sufis, Gnostics, and especially Yogis all revere the intense spirituality and magical power (at least in their minds) of intimate sex between lovers. In a lot of occult rituals, sexual release is part of what powers the spell working. A lot of belief systems tie orgasm to connecting with the divine, which is why religions like to keep sex reserved relationships that serve the divine.

I support my first amendment. For that, I have to give Marina a pass. Spirit Cooking itself is a non story for me. She believes in stones and spirits and painting the wall with pig’s blood and mixing bodily fluids to connect her and her lover in blah blah blah. Is it really much different from anything else we’ve gotten from gurus and cult leaders over the years? Sure it’s not Christian. But if we attack some avant-garde artist not only do we get away from Crooked Hillary but there are a thousand odd Satanic performance artists out there to distract us.

It’s the tenuous web of people connected to her and Spirit Cooking that bothers me. It’s the child trafficking ring that they participate in. What is troubling is that other art pieces Marina has been involved with, attended by Lady Gaga and Jay Z, have frequently featured cannibalism motifs. Not just in baked goods made to look like dead bodies, check out this painting of hers below titled Balkan Baroque I.


There’s something oddly unsettling about this piece. To me, at least.

Right now the conservative community is hounding Marina for her art. Aside from being protected by the constitution, I really dissuade anyone from pursuing this connection mainly because it’s a red herring. Sure. Say her work contacts demons and symbolizes cannibalism and inducts celebrities. The more attention that draws to Marina for her strange art, the less attention that gets places on Bill Clinton flying on Lolita Express and attending Jeffery Epstein’s island for Pizza. We need to focus on how bought the Justice Department is while they shut down any arrest of the culprits.

Spirit Cooking is a link between these things, but it’s not interesting to approach alone. Artists have the freedom to art, as long as they do not break any laws. Religious nuts have the right to be religious and nuts, as long as they do not break any laws. But we’re looking at a cult nexus of wealthy, powerful people who’ve intertwined every level of government, media, and infrastructure that weeding them out will require something like a new civil war. People who abuse those who cannot defend themselves for sick thrills.

I stand up to protect freedom of speech. But I for one am ready to stand up and fight back against the degeneracy rife within our governing parties. I suggest all of you take up issue with this whole subject. Anyone around Jeffery Epstein is as complicit in his crimes as those who kept Savile’s horrors silent. We should not stand for that at all. We should rise up, by the millions, and clean our government of pedophiles and rapists.

Now with our man in the white house, we need to make sure these people are buried deep.

Regardless of my own sexuality, I spent many years being called a faggot and getting beaten up. I think we all did. Even through much of my early adult years, as an outcast I quickly found solace in the LGBT community. And for a period of time, they had started to brainwash me that I might be a woman.

I am not a woman.

Society is beset upon by mental viruses, thought patterns that enter host minds and infect, seeping into behavior. One of the worst of these aggressive mimetic coding is the mental illness that is transgender lifestyle. I’ll keep my comments as professional as I can, but this subject boils my blood.

Transgender identity disorder is a mental illness right up there next to various dissociative and personality disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar, and enjoying Tyler Perry movies. It’s becoming an epidemic that should be met with counseling, psychiatry, and likely some medication. But we’ve heard this rhetoric again and again, and I don’t need to preach to choirs to explain how the mind can be convinced of the most powerful delusions.

If you’re reading this blog then I likely don’t have to go into depth about the coddling attention that the illness gets from liberal media and Social Justice Cultists. “Born this way” is the crutch excuse wielded across the LGBT. Notably, the suffering and abuse which that community has faced in the last century gives them the desperation to use anything to fend off their attackers. I can sympathize with their situation. But I personally believe “born this way” is bullshit. The only thing man is born to is his infant body.  Everything else is made in this world. You are what you eat, whether those nutrients enter through your ears, eyes, or mouth. Born this way is a weapon with which to keep the fascists out of their sex life, but no one is born any one way.

A man is made by the results of his labors. And like my forged namesake believed, man’s nature is selfish and most apparent where currency is fabricated. In a natural state all people are equal and independent in creation, but not by fate or decree. They are equal only by exercising the natural right to defend life, health, Liberty, and possession. With guns, lots of lovely guns. We are not born, we are made. We are blank sheets on which to be written.

What concerns me is how many followers are choosing to make themselves mentally ill. Confusing wishes with biology has not led to happy, healthy people who magically change genders, as if the gods spied them pondside with water nymphs. No, it has led to unbalanced and mutilated burnouts. We throw drugs, chemicals, and butchery at them. This does not make them happy. It does not change their lives. Our current science is limited and offers the mentally ill only a shallow and hollow facsimile of the mental image they hold of themselves in constant dysphoria.

The US suicide rate is something like five percent, while the rate among homosexuals is ten to twenty.  For those with the trans disorder, it’s a whopping forty percent. Worse, the numbers rise with age, meaning that, eventually, transgender people choose death over life. Living in the most peaceful and luxurious time in history, we see trans coddled by media with their own shows and networks, supplied with Obamacare hormones and surgery, and publicly lauded by the socialist elite. Like purse dogs. Prized trophies of the art world.

Despite all that, we see increasingly higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity every year. Especially after surgery.

My childhood friend came around the other day, flirting with me. I believed her to be married. It turns out her husband is a woman and they don’t get along. My co-worker just disclosed to me that her husband is attempting to become a woman. My son professed his doubts, that he and his circle of friends are all trans. A very close gay male friend of mine has survived three suicide attempts after declaring “herself” a woman. It’s on television. It’s on the internet. It’s in video games and movies and music. It’s everywhere.

The mimetic pattern that your sex and gender don’t match is clever and manipulative. It’s the devil on your shoulder. “Sure,” it says, “throw five thousand dollars at mutilating your body with artificial parts. You have five thousand just lying around, right? Oh,” it says, “when you get your hormones you’ll be happy.”

But they aren’t.

This is because, deep down inside, their body knows what its role is, but the mental illness they’ve been infected by will only lead to misery and madness. I’d not be surprised to learn how many transgender people end up homeless in severe poverty due to their mental illness.

I mean, if you can convince yourself you’re really a woman instead of a man, what’s next? A cannibal? A necrophiliac? A furry? A pedophile?

The Mimetic Viruses spreading among young people on social media today are staggering and while many of them are rendered in harmless ways, the skyrocketing death rate among the transgender is something to be very concerned about. We as a culture cannot turn our back on friends, family, and children. Especially those children whose impressionable minds are infected with delusions. We need to face this just as we need to face the drug epidemic: with counselling, rehabilitation, and adaptation. Nothing can stop a man from claiming to be a woman, but proper handling can stop them from self destruction.

The mental illness of transgender cannot be completely eradicated anymore than dissociative identity disorder. But it can be managed. One gay at a time.