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  1. …certainly not the American military or police.
Osama bin Laden didn’t pass the Patriot Act.  Saddam Hussein didn’t write the NDAA.  And it surely isn’t Kim Jong-Il at the NSA collecting your phone calls and emails.
No, the people stealing American freedoms are now other Americans.  BigFed employees, chasing the pension and money, routinely sell out their countrymen and their rights for money.  The most ardent defenders of the USG are its servants.  The more money they make, the more they stand to lose if the US falls.
But of all groups serving the Beast today, it is the white man who deserves the most blame.
The straight white male is a three-fold loser in the American affirmative action swindle; and what’s worse, he knows it.  All companies and agencies openly advertise that they are equal opportunity employers, which means that they legally discriminate againt white men, the only non-protected group in the US.
America would already be a third world nation without its white population.  It is the white soldier, engineer, and accountant that keeps the US afloat.  The soldier protects the system, the engineer keeps them in TV and internet, and the accountant keeps the money flowing.
It is the second amendment which protects our rights and freedoms.  No cop or soldier has done so since the Southern soldier of the Civil War.  We are totally and completely on our own.  Expect both the police and military to do what they have done in the past, which is to obey whoever cuts the checks.

My father taught me to be racist. He gave me perspective, day in and day out: a loathing contempt for people not like himself. We lived just outside of Los Angeles, so he had no shortage of facts to provide. Evidence is ample in a large city for anyone looking to be angry and blame someone. And a bigot is someone who believes multiple conflicting opinions, depending on whether or not it serves their own needs. 

My father grew boisterous over Martin Luther Coon day, the only name he’d accept. It infuriated him that some “dead nigger” was a reason for people to be lazy and stop working. Despite the various Holidays he himself would use to lounge around. He loved Kung Fu movies and hated Asian drivers. My father was a very vulgar, angry person. And I held out hope that he was just a bigot.

I am a hopeful and loving person, more so than many others; holding out for degenerates to turn their lives around, stubbornly holding on to see the good in the bad, well past forgiveness. It’s a flaw in me. It still exists down there, but it’s grown beaten and exhausted through years of reality. I still foster a hope that all men and women can come together in a unity of love and peace. Older me knows better.

Growing up during the Rodney King Riots, watching the madness and chaos only an hour from my front door, playing out in some sick rating splurge for sensationalists, it changed me. Heroic stories of roof Koreans fighting off crowds of looters just eight miles away caused dream. The majority of my bullies were black. I didn’t keep any black friends. Growing up, as far as I knew, black skin equated shady, nasty dealings.

Gradually, time and life sowed doubt in my mind. Are black people all just hooligans?

Over the last year, we’ve had various riots over police shootings. Tell me… how many of those innocent dindu muffins were affluent, wealthy doctors or lawyers on their way to an expensive dinner with other wealthy people? How many of those gunned down souls were cancer researchers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, or highly lauded artists celebrated by entire communities?

How many of them have long criminal histories?

I still hold hope. So long as they want to rise up from the muck and place themselves into civilization, then I always hold hope.

I don’t like genetic arguments that a race’s genes are somehow superior to another. That buys into the bullshit “born this way” mentality which allows people to shed personal responsibility. I think genetics are a map and the actual journey is what shapes a human. The most beautiful exhibit of mankind is the triumph over seemingly impossible odds. People with broken bodies learn to walk. People with stunted minds grow to brilliance. People change by act of hard work and sacrifice. A part of me seeks redemption in all people.

Every corpse on Everest was once an extremely motivated person.

I came to the conclusion a few years back that the root problem of hating black people is that black people don’t exist outside of words. No one is black. No one is really white, for that matter. Race is the great distraction, it’s a superficial argument for me. I’m not white. I’m the child of Californians, who came across as stowaway boat thieves from Ireland, and eventually crossed the country via the Trail of Tears. My roots chase Gaelic settlers who resisted British bastards at every turn until their dehumanization; settlers who were driven to famine and poverty, enslaved and then fled to the new world. My blood carries at least a handful of names, entire family lines, some a thousand years back.

I don’t comprehend white or black. We are heritage bearers of many bloodlines that weave together.

Blood… blood is not the enemy. Genes are not the enemy. It is culture. As Terrance McKenna once said: Culture is not your friend. Culture does not care about you. Culture serves itself.

Black culture is a fabrication. It was built as a rallying point for the disenfranchised, to give identity while America ended slavery. Black identity was used to help facilitate them from the dehumanizing life of slavery and into civilized life. But hundreds of years later, it hasn’t moved on. It’s just gotten worse. The hidden hands who fabricated black culture need a color word to control the minds of citizens. And it’s working. Black is a word, just a word, and you can fit whatever nonsense you want inside those five letters. There’s no Nigerian heritage or Brazilian tribal ancestors, no Jamaican history or Anangu traditions. No matter your bloodline, heritage, or history, you are Black.

Wipe it all away. Repeat one word. That is your new identity.

Black culture erases whatever heritage a person has and overwrites a new singular identity. Black. Not a skin color, not a genetic thing. There are white-skinned Blacks, Asian Blacks. Black, black, black. It’s a fabricated social construct. Black. Erase all of your identity and history and essence on this world. Take a rank and file with everyone else.

This is why I reject White culture as well. It’s a similar attempt.

I won’t let them remove my Irish and Scottish ancestors or their lineages. An attempt to put Italians and Germans and Brits into one pile, the fable of White, is meant to stir violence. Same as the Black. These activists who champion against the Imperialist White Patriarchy only want to replace it with their own Fascist Black Matriarchy. Same shit, different assholes.

Control. Black Culture is control.

Black Culture is a disease. And it isn’t some benign skin rash. It’s a cancer, eating away at the heart of civilization. An indoctrination of poverty stricken, reckless, stubborn, and dense criminals who shatter family structures and proliferate violent destruction. It’s regurgitated by a thousand rappers and propaganda movies: beat women and sling drugs. It incites the destruction of other cultures, especially White. It celebrates criminal activity, assuring its cult-ish adherents that whatever they do, there is no such thing as reverse racism.

Crime is rampant in black communities everywhere they go. Black Culture must be eliminated for the sake of our safety and our children’s future. It exploded during the end of segregation, that period of time in which America tried to quarantine the plague mentality and reintegrate former slaves into civilization. It exploded again during the nineties. Los Angeles was a festering boil primed to pop and it leaked vitriolic sickness out across the entire state, across the country. I lived that. Now, in the infancy of the digital world, it explodes again. Now, these festering Culture boils are growing in every major city. They’re popping, one by one, as toxic Black Culture seeps into reality and manifests itself as riots, looting, rapes, and murder.

If each person with dark skin wants to trace their lineage back to celebrate their bloodline and roots, I support them. If they want to aspire to nobles and merchants and esteemed learned princes, I support them. I don’t care if you were Kings and sheeeit. All that matters is what you are doing in this moment. Not being the dregs of criminal shadows, not assuming that the difficulties of everyday reality are because of a single color word. Pay homage to the wise kings of history, power to you. Stay away from the drug-dealing, murderous thug Kings of early Slave Trade who sold their own citizens to slavery for quick riches. Prove that you’re better. Become something better than a word: “Black”.

And stay the hell away from any culture that has a single color to remove your blood and family.

Stay away from “Black Culture”.

What really pisses me off about Feminism is a refusal to acknowledge its own aggression.

We all have aggression. To say otherwise is denial. Men just put it out in large emblazoned letters. Culturally, men are not raised to bury our heads in the sand, to pretend that anger and enthusiasm are not there. No blaming our outbursts on bitchiness or monthly bleedings. Assume hold of it! Tell the world you’re angry, violent, and you don’t give a fuck. A monkey beats his chest to show the world his emotions. We holler and beat our chests to control it.


The world is an aggressive fucking place. We’re respondent to conditions. Thousands of years ago, you minded your own land until battalions of horse-bound thugs showed up and murdered your entire heritage. You fought and, often, died unless you had your own swarm of thugs. They had no problem snuffing blood lines out in a night. Entire sagas have been sung by bard lips to the tragedy of an uncaring world. Mankind has responded to a harsh world ever since our emergence. The animals which came before us had been tearing each other apart over dwindling resources, ever since evolution saw fit to endow them with tooth and claw. Has it changed? How different is the world of today?

Survival instinct is the foundation of biology.

Modern Feminism, like most things Modern in name, is a deconstructionist attack against tradition itself. Granted, bad ideas can infect tradition just as easily as good ideas may soothe. But certain foundational aspects of society simply cannot be pulled out and quickly replaced. Destabilization: that’s what happens, worldwide and in horrendous waves of death.

Look at how long they’ve been tugging at the marriage equality threads. I don’t care what two people do in a bedroom, that’s the Libertarian in me, and if you think it’s a religious thing then it’s not between you and them – it’s between them and God. I support marriage equality for the same reason that I support weed legalization: I want other people to stay out of my life and my choices. Legal marriage is just a way to facilitate money-making scams for useless shit that people don’t need, until one miserable party decides to shaft the other. People who want to be together are going to be together, we cannot stop that. It is intrusive even to try; they’ll just occult into the underground and do it in private anyway.

We need to look at the bigger picture.

We’re all aggressive because the world is just one massive pot being stirred by some invisible master. War, drama, destruction, all propagated by those who seek unrest.

There would be no immigration problem in Europe IF-

There would be no drug cartel invasion or mass migration from Mexico IF-

There would be no aggression with China or Russia IF-

There would be no rioting ignorant, violent, criminal masses IF-

If, if, if, if, if. Nothing is ever solved. Always just hypothetical if’s.

Each and every time, you find that the destabilizing sources behind Feminism, BlackLivesMeh, ISIS, and even KKK are simply pawns. All of them are stirred to chaos and anarchy, violence and mayhem. Invisible hands move us all. Make the guesses you wish as to who stirs the pot so wildly. May rhyme with Boos.

We live in a band-aid culture, something Warhol spoke of. An age of artificiality. Appearance over substance. We treat symptoms, not causes. When there’s a headache, we take a painkiller, every single day, and only after years of worsening headaches, (we are taught) to go in to the doctor and discover we’ve got days to live, thanks to a brain tumor. We get heartburn, telling us we’re eating dangerous stuff, but just pop a few Prilosec OTC and laugh at Larry the Stereotype until we’re weakened by our gastroesophageal reflux. When sugar addiction leaves our bodies riddled with diabetes, we simply shoot up a drug instead of ridding our lives of sugar – and at that point, it may be too late. Instead of giving people a reason not to feed their drug addiction, we lock them away and turn them into criminals. And when the masses fall into inherited poverty, instead of getting them out of poverty, we admonish them into aggression.

Free will gives us option, but we also need discipline, otherwise, we self destruct.

We don’t want solutions, or answers, or cures. The world gives only a brief acknowledgement of the artificiality of it all. The look. The appearance. We think aggression is simply something you can appease, with more aggression or isolation. This whole thing is sliding us all towards the Apocalypse.

The cause of all of this? Key people who want the world to devour itself. If we don’t turn our attention to these figures, we will be nipping and chewing on symptoms until this malignant disease has killed everything we know. And they are counting on it. Because they have already set aside to survive it.

I’m not talking about the Jews. They’re just the Bishops in a game of chess. Feminists? Rooks. Extremist groups? Knights. And the rioting cities are Pawns. I’m talking Kings and Queens. People with such wealth that they stand like mountain tops out of the fog. Follow the chain to the top. That is where you will trace the source to.

War keeps them wealthy. Collapsing nations present profit opportunities. That’s all it is to these people: civil unrest is just profit. National unrest keeps them happy. They thrive on destruction and chaos. They supply the conflict for profit, they contract rebuilds for profit. They are never in the conflict themselves, yet every step of the way their fingers are buried in both sides. Their companies succeed while civilian populaces die by the thousands. You know, I know. It’s said a million different ways at every angle in society.

Yet we are still playing their game.

Aggression is the human bodily response of living in this system. Being born into it, raised in it, used as weapons of the powerful people at the top. Over the next year I will outline the steps to help us shrug off the shackles of these hidden masters. Step one?

We need to own our aggression, understand this anger, utilize it for success, always know it’s source. Understand that one tiny movement in the driving engines of civilization can send waves of war, genocide, poverty, and economic collapse.

We’re mad as hell.

And we’re not going to take it anymore.

>cue my assassination

We live in the online age.

It has seeped into every aspect of our lives. The machine is growing, the gears spinning in place. Escaping your phone is impossible; every room is filled with screens. Our once womb-like cars, bereft of eye-straining lights and given over to the sounds and sights of the road, are now drenched in tiny screens on dashboards and vestigial hands.

The collectivism of the New Age Marxist finds a foothold in these fertile souls. I blame conservatives, myself. Like men who keep the corpses of their family in a bedroom of their house, tradition is something we cannot let go of. Change is progressive, change is liberal, change is different. Change is anathema to conservation. But in this case, the world has changed. And we haven’t changed with it.

We wanted to uphold the pillars of society, to keep the roof from crashing down. Keep the walls up against the enemy. We went though a colonial, a civil, and two world wars. We survived the horror of early industrial exploitation before the brevity of ethics and moral law were able to keep children out of factories and bosses from creating industrial slavery. The United States of America, for all its changing and damaged imperfections, was strong. It was a bastion of freedom. After the second world war we’d been the heroes of mankind.

As time went on, the world changed. You can now fit an entire movie studio in your pants pocket. Private businesses are sending us to Mars. Augmented reality is going to alter our everyday lives.

But the conservative spirit refused to change. The technology took off without them and the control freaks moved in quickly. They’ve been staking out their territory. Every new technology that emerges is quickly taken over by the liberals. The Social Justice Cultists. Each and every website is slowly shifting control to the left. Wikipedia controls who writes its articles, and its set the bar for all the rest. Every news outlet is controlled for a narrative, to put focus on what the regressive left wants us to see.

Black Lives Matter and the Syrian migration. Guns and control thereof. Abortion and the transgender illness. All across the country, tiny screens bombard us with these messages, all day, every day, until we are absolutely immersed in them. Messages which have hand-crafted by the groupthink of the modern Marxists. In this current climate, it’s easy for us to lose young people to the “liberating” voice of the LGBT and the Intersectional Feminists. Older people haven’t adapted to the newest technologies. We still read newspapers and go to quiet places which are devoid of brainwashing screens.

But we’re dying. A few generations from now, no one will be able to recall a time in which there was not a constant stream of information. Pretty soon, newspapers will go the way of the dodo and your only way of staying up-to-date will be through a smart phone, computer, or TV. The liberals know this and they’re indoctrinating the young. This is why we are losing.

The debates are sliding for the new millennium. Facebook arguments tear families apart worse than the rise in divorce rates. Twitter is a war zone in which only insanity is praised. Even our first two person Presidential debate has become an online mockery. Internet jokes have embedded themselves into legislature. The ADL is leveraging legal action against a cartoon frog. Cities are rioting on fire. The debates of the day are no longer casual discussions, but the first shots of war. Let us be completely honest with the naked Emperor: we see that he has no clothes. Our entire society is at war. We need to adapt and prepare for the turmoil that surrounds us. To debate, you need knowledge.

Think what you want of Sun Tzu, but every battle is won long before it’s ever fought.

We need new knowledge.