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I saw a few tweets a while back about “racist bodybuilders” supporting Trump. My mind immediately jumped to the movie “Pain and Gain.” Probably because of the scene where the victim says “I was kidnapped and tortured by bodybuilders!” I got quite a laugh out of the reference. Then I started thinking about the link between bodybuilding and racism, as an intellectual exercise.

I’m sure many of my readers have been to websites which are devoted to weightlifting, diet and general fitness. It’s true that you can find some serious racism in such places, more so than any other random forums one could find on the internet. Why is that? What links a serious fitness/self improvement mindset with racism? Again, this is just an intellectual exercise, so I hope my readers will give their own thoughts and correct me if I’ve gone off the rails.

So, you’re a skinny little nerd or a fat fuck. You decide you want to change, and you search the internet for bodybuilding advice. Yes, you will come across some sites that regurgitate the same old bullshit and try to sell you magazines and other products. You learn what you can from them, you’re starting to see a little improvement, and you go further down the rabbit hole. You find the “dark underbelly” of fitness sites. The “anything-goes” forums on sites that are about weightlifting, Paleo, etc…but the forums aren’t just about fitness.

This is where you meet the guys who give you great advice, ideas that goes against mainstream diet/fitness teachings. The men who tell you to eat a high-fat diet, to gorge yourself on good calories while lifting heavy with low reps. You start following the advice of these dudes on the forums, and WOW! You’re seeing massive gains, getting stronger every day. This counter-culture advice is working.

Now you start to wonder why you had to get all these great tips from anonymous guys on the internet. What about all those magazines you paid for? Why didn’t you learn this from the sites you paid a membership fee for? You don’t need all this special, overpriced equipment. You don’t need all the supplements and powders that are now crowding you cabinet and thinning your wallet. What the hell? You begin to think that maybe the mainstream media of bodybuilding, and by extension all mainstream info/media/news outlets……are lying? Maybe they just want to make money and sell products….while these guys you’ve been talking to lately are the real deal, they are giving you good info and you don’t have to pay for it. Grab your tinfoil hat, boy….you’re starting to get suspicious of the “narrative.”

You now doubt everything you watch/read. But when it comes to bodybuilding, you don’t have to take anyone’s word for anything. You can try stuff out and see if you get results. There’s no way to fake that. You start applying this to other aspects of life, you doubt any piece of info that you cannot personally verify. You see “doctors” claiming that your pecs are just single muscles, and any workout focusing on them gives the same results. But your boys on the internet give you 3 different workouts for your chest, treating the muscles as different groups. Your boys are right, incline/decline etc make your chest grow in new ways. Fuck what the paid shills are saying, you’ve cancelled all those magazine subscriptions, you don’t listen to “doctors” anymore.


Achievement Unlocked: Broscientist

You got into all this because you wanted to have a better body and be a more healthy, attractive guy. You’ve discovered that even though you were either scrawny as fuck or fat as Hell before, you can change your body. Diet and exercise work. You know this for a fact, since you’ve seen the results yourself.

You try to share this awesome information with people. You want to help the fatties and other unhealthy people. What do you get in return? “It’s genetics, it’s not my fault. Dieting doesn’t work, ya know. I’m healthy at any size!”

This is not true. You know it’s not true. With hard work and discipline, you can get whatever kind of body you want.

Then you start recognizing this same bullshit narrative applied to other aspects of life. Most importantly…race. “Everyone is the same! We’re all exactly alike, race is a social construct!” You don’t believe anything you hear, so you search for crime statistics, IQ stats, etc. You analyze the raw data and realize….no, we aren’t all the same. Some racial groups are way more violent, dumb, and prone to lives of criminality and living off you tax money. The data is right there in front of you!

So you go back to those bodybuilding forums and click on some threads that aren’t about fitness….only to discover that the other broscientists, like yourself, have already discovered these things and have been discussing them for a long time. You read all the posts, the links to DOJ and FBI data….you don the ole’ foil hat again and try to figure out why the media is lying about the evil white man and the poor, noble savage being unjustly crushed underfoot.

Achievement Unlocked: Racist

Why does the whole country go nuts when a white person kills a black person in self defense, yet remains silent when 4 black men rape and kill a white girl? Who is controlling this narrative? How fucking deep does this rabbit hole go? I just wanted to get jacked, how did I end up doubting everything? And what exactly is this “Jewish question” I keep hearing about?

This is my theory of how bodybuilding and racism have become linked. If I have any racist bodybuilding readers, I hope you will comment and let me know if I was totally off-base on any of my speculation.

This was just a light-hearted post, a mental exercise that I enjoyed. I hope at least some of you got a kick out of reading it.

Good Evening, Gentlemen.

In case you cannot tell, my website got holocausted. Luckily most of my 4 years of writings are preserved on the Wayback Machine, so I can restore all the good stuff. It was time for a reboot anyway, so I get to start from scratch, for the most part.

What happened, you ask? My answer is simple: Fucking Kikes.

These things happen. The good news is, I’m back. I’ll have everything sorted out within the next few days and start restoring some of my old writing, if anyone is interested in that. I will also have the podcast and YouTube links back up as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I thanks all you goys for reading, watching, and listening.

-Dr. Illusion

Good Evening, Gentlemen.

In case any of you haven’t noticed, the media have recently been falling all over themselves to push a certain narrative. After Trump remarked offhand that, “I want surveillance of these people that are coming in” (talking about immigrants), the liberal bloggers and establishment GOP pundits have gone into a frenzy, proclaiming The Donald to be the next Hitler. They call him Nazi, Fascist, etc. They claim he was talking about all Muslims when he was actually talking aboutillegal immigrants.

Here’s the funny thing about all of this: The Left have been calling all Republicans, along with anyone else on the Right, “Fascists” and “Nazis” for almost a decade. Disagree with a liberal? You’re a fascist. Vote Republican? You’re a Nazi. Point out that blacks commit over 50% of violent crime despite being 13% of the population? You’re Hitler. Godwin’s Law has been proven time after time.

While this has been a very annoying tactic (for those of us who actually enjoy debate and discussion), and has silenced many of us who don’t have the willpower to ignore these accusations….it turns out that it was all for the best, in the end.

Because now, those on the Left and many in the GOP “establishment” are pointing and shrieking “Fascist Nazi!” But they have been doing this to everyone who has disagreed with them for years…..and those words have lost both their credibility and their sting. While there was a time when those labels would send a man slinking off into the shadows in shame, now they are meaningless. No one takes them seriously anymore.

I titled this post “Boy Who Cried Fascist” for this exact reason. The liberals and the cuckservatives have cried fascist so many times that now, when they are dealing with real fascists and Nazis….their accusations are meaningless. No one believes them.

The next truism that I want to discuss is “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” This is one that I cite often. The liberals, leftists, commies, socialists…whatever you want to call them, for the purpose of this post we shall use the term redshirts. The redshirts realized that they could silence dissent by using certain words. They figured out that when they pointed and shrieked these special words, hordes of simple-minded followers would attack and destroy all who opposed them.

Once the redshirts discovered this big red button, this button that silences dissent and raises freelance armies to attack wrong-thinkers, they just kept pressing it. This was their hammer, and every argument, everyone who disagreed with them, looked like a nail. Don’t like Obama? You’re a racist. Don’t like Hillary? You’re a sexist. Don’t like the elites who run this nation from the shadows? You’re an anti-Semite. Oppose Marxism? You’re a fascist nazi who loves Hitler.

The problem with “When all you have is a hammer..” is that it will, invariably, lead to “boy who cried wolf.”

The next, and in my opinion most important, truism to discuss is “I Am Whatever You Say I Am.” Yes, as Jack Donovan once said, I’m quoting the great philosopher Eminem.

When you call someone a racist long enough, they will get tired of being accused of a crime they didn’t commit and embrace the crime. If I’m already being punished for a crime, I may as well commit it, right? Whether the crime be racism, sexism, misogyny, fascism or anything else…call me that name long enough, and I will embrace it and say “so what?”

What we are seeing right now is thousands, tens of thousands, of people saying “so fucking what?” when we are called fascists. Call me a Nazi, my response is “You say Nazi like it’s a bad thing.”

Yes, you dumb fucking redshirts….we are Nazis. We are Fascists. We are Racists. But you’ve cried wolf so many times that when the real wolves arrive, no one will listen to you. And now we will devour the sheep. After a decade or more of being treated like trash, the White Man is about to rise up and put you in your place. You’ve been crying wolf for so long that no one will listen to your screams as we tear you into bloody pieces.

-Dr. Illusion